Robert Wogan: A General Contractor & Artist with Large Scale Experience as a Theming Contractor

Theming Defined

Theming is the art of creating environments that can create a suspension of disbelief. Theming can be as small as a corner of a room, an entire room, or a whole place, much like Disney world. The creation of space that has continuity thru all aspects of design with the intention of having you forget the world as you normally think of it is good theming.

Good Theming Gone Bad

Theming quality ultimately lends itself to the overall experience for any venue. Working with Wogan Works Building Group assures you that your project will be treated with excitement and a level of detail that we have built our reputation on. Theming can go bad for many different reasons but it is the overall understanding of the many components, from financial restrains to material longevity that make us the clear choice.

Robert Wogan's Background in Theming & The Mohegan Sun Casino Project

Visit the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort websiteI came to theming through the art door. In 1999 I took my first job in the industry with the now disolved, Hudson Valley based theming company, MJM Studio. This was a natural fit for me, as I already was familiar, from my own art installation work, on how to create total theme based environments. For MJM, I was the lead creative designer on the manufacturing end. There is always a theming /interior firm contracted for large commercial projects and It was my job in this firm to bridge the gap between reality and fantastic concept drawings for our clients. On the Mohegan Sun Casino Project, I worked primarily with the Rockwell group leading a small crew of dedicated site workers along with the Mohegan tribe to create one of the most compelling them based casinos on the east coast.