Sanding & Salting

Salting & Sanding For Driveways & Parking Lots

Commercial and residential deicing services to keep you and your visitors safe. 


Commercial Ice Management

Deicing of your commercial lot is serious business. Contracts are available to insure that your lot won't have icing problems.

Driveway Salting & Sanding

Driveway sanding and salting for your home. Seasonal contracts and per event billing is available. Competitive pricing.

Always Insured 

Protect yourself. Protect your business from litigation. When you hire me you can be confident that I carry propper insurance. 

Need Emergency Salting & Sanding? $250 Minimum charge for emergency service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question: How much does it cost to salt a residential driveway?

Answer: The minimum charge for salting a residential driveway if $75.

Question: How do you price salting a driveway?

Answer: Typically the salting fee is the same amount as the plowing fee. 

Question: What type of salt do you use?

Answer: I only use Clear Lane, treated salt, which melts snow and ice below zero temperatures. This is gives you the best protection. It lasts longer and is much more effective than regular rock salt. 

What they say ...


"I'm picky and I generally don't like people working at my house around my family ...

But with Robert, it's good. We've used him over the years for plowing and some landscape construction projects. He cares about the work he does. It comes across quite clearly. He's totally reliable and we are grateful to have him as a resource. 

Jordan D.

Kingston, NY