Emergency Snow Removal

Emergency Snow Removal & Salting

Do you have a snow or ice emergency right now?  
Send a text right to Robert's Bat Phone with the button below. 


$250 Min Charge For Emergencies

You Would be Considered an "Emergency" if:

  • You are not already a regular plow customer and you need service during or immediately after a storm.

Commercial Emergencies

Maybe you need your parking lot deiced or plowed because your current contractor never showed up and left you in a bad position?

Residential Emergencies

Are you expecting a fuel delivery? Perhaps you are away from home and need someone to clear a driveway? 

Sanding & Salting

Commercial and residential sanding and salting to control ice and keep your family or your customers safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question: Can I get an estimate for plowing before, after or during a storm?

I do not do estimates after October 31 of any given snow season. So if you need me and you're not a customer, the minimum charge is $250.

Question: Why is $250 the minimum charge for emergency type services.

Answer: Each situation is different. These are the general guidelines. This may or may not cover you for salt. 

  • $100 to show up
  • $150/ half hour once on site


Question: How fast can you get here?

Give me a call and or use the emergency contact form and I'll let you know. It all depends on my location and your location. 

Question: How far will you travel?

A radius of 10 miles from Kingston, NY 12401.

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